Meet the 1:32 Wiking 8500i Harvester

We've been selling the 1:32 John Deere 8500i Harvester on for the last few months and it’s become a big seller in Ireland.

At the reduced price of €149.99 with a further 10% off with discount code ‘harvester’, it’s proving a popular purchase in Ireland and the UK. Its retailing on the official Wiking site at €179 plus delivery so our savings are real.

Models in this price range are a premium and in our experience, the Krone M500 triple deck mower sets the standard amongst 1:32 collectable harvesters.

Inside the box you'll find the JD 693 3.0m pickup, 10 drum rotary header and a transport frame as well as the harvester The 13.5 litre inline 6 cylinder 585 hp engine is well detailed with working engine bay covers made of metal.

Wiking 1:32 8500iIt's got some interesting details such as a mounted fire extinguisher hanging on the side and they’ve even included the AdBlue filler neck. The original size 900/60 R42 // 710/60 R30 tyres look realistic.

Underneath are the water tank and a quick coupling, while the yellow silage tank is mounted on the right side.

A bracket helps with the rear side support of the ejector tube. 

In the engine compartment, the eye immediately notices the silver tank container and a right-sided air tank.