The 1:32 JCB Fastrac 8330 by Wiking

Model: 1:32 JCB Fastrac 8330
Manufacturer: Wiking
Real World Manufacturer: JCB
Year of production: 2020
Price: €79.99
Available to buy here

The real machine has a top speed of 70 kph making it the fastest tractor in the world. With an output of 348 hp and CVT transmission this is the real deal.

For the model, Wiking delivered with exceptional detail and some interesting innovations including an updated tool kit to remove various parts. It contains more plastic than usual. We love the cabin with detailed signage and the doors open nicely to reveal a decent cabin.

1:32 JCB Fastrac 8330

Model Features:
  • Plastic cabin
  • The headlights are used transparently, the same applies to the transparent orange all-round lights on both sides of the rear of the cabin. In addition, the fine components of the exhaust, mirrors, 
  • Opening doors (2)
  • Removable wheels
  • Precise steering
  • Front mounted lift arms
  • Swivel door mirrors

We like this one and there is no doubt Wiking have delivered a premium model worthy of any collection. 

1:32 JCB Fastrac 8330